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Symptoms of Low Oil Pressure

Symptoms of Low Oil Pressure

There are few things more important to the health of your Acura’s engine than its oil pressure. Oil lubricates the hundreds of moving pieces in your engine; without engine oil, those moving pieces would be so much metal grinding together, and not the smooth-running, performance engine you expect.

When your car is struggling with low oil pressure, the constant rubbing of your engine’s parts generates friction and heat. That can cause your vehicle to overheat, and could even cause serious and lasting damage to the engine.

Here are some tips to help you recognize the symptoms of low oil pressure, so you can keep your Acura running like the day it came off of the assembly line.

Check Engine Light

What are the Symptoms of Low Oil Pressure?

Your Acura’s engine shouldn’t “lose” oil. Engine oil isn’t gasoline—it isn’t consumed as you operate your car. So, if you notice a leak or if you have an embarrassing driveway oil stain beneath your car’s engine, you should go immediately to a trusted mechanic to address the issue.

If you’re not seeing a leak or anything else quite so obvious or dramatic, but are still noticing sluggish or subpar performance, here are some other signs and symptoms you can look for to help identify if you’re dealing with low oil pressure or some other issue.

  • Oil Pressure Dashboard Light

    The easiest and most obvious indication that your Acura is running low on oil is the dreaded oil pressure light on your vehicle’s dashboard. The indicator is triggered by a sensor in your Acura’s engine that activates when the oil level drops below a certain level. Once the light turns on, you should not operate your vehicle until you’ve checked your oil levels. If you do need to refill your oil, that is a sign of a larger problem, as your Acura shouldn’t “lose” oil from normal operation.

  • Noise Under the Hood

    Another giveaway of low oil pressure is a loud knocking or grinding noise that comes from under your Acura’s hood. This is the result of the engine’s pieces not being properly lubricated, which can lead to rods serious damage in the long-term, and some scary noises in the short-term. Consider the knocking and grinding of metal on metal an obvious sign that your engine is beginning to fail.

  • Burning Smell

    Burning oil can occur if you have an oil leak. As the oil drips down onto the hot engine parts, it burns off, letting off an unmistakable scent. If you smell burning oil, turn off your vehicle right away! Allow your engine to cool and then check under the hood for a leak.

  • Engine Overheats

    If you allow your engine oil level to drop, your engine won’t be sufficiently lubricated. That will cause friction, which produces heat. The constant rubbing of metal on metal in your engine will cause your whole engine to overheat, which is very dangerous.

  • Drop in Fuel Economy

    Your vehicle is supposed to be a well-oiled machine. When that lubrication breaks down or is absent, your car won’t run as efficiently. That means that your gas mileage will drop. If you notice your average MPG dropping when you fill the tank, you should make a service appointment to identify any issues. If your engine is not well lubricated, it will have to work harder to produce the same level of performance.

How to Fix Low Oil Pressure in an Acura

Once you confirm that your Acura is struggling because of a drop in oil pressure, you should take immediate action to avoid serious damage to your engine.

Finding all the parts you need is easy with Bernardi Parts Acura. We have everything you need, whether you’re just looking to do an oil change or you need to replace a faulty OEM part. We can even help you choose between synthetic and conventional oil for your Acura.

To find the right parts for your Acura, click this link to browse by model, and follow the video below to select your year and trim package. You can find oil pumps and related parts in the Parts catalog, under ‘Engine’.

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For more information, or for help from one of our Acura experts, send us a message or give us a call at 800-924-1884.
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