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OEM Parts and Accessories
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International Order Policy

Products May NOT FIT Models that were not built for sale in the US
Parts and accessories listed on BernardiPart.com are for Acura models that are built for sale in the United State. Since Acura does not provide Bernardi Parts with information on international Acura vehicles and the parts and accessories that fit them, you are solely responsible for determining whether the parts and accessories sold by BernardiParts.com will fit your international Acura that was not built for sale in the United States.

Parts Warranty

Parts shipped outside of the USA or removed from the USA are not subject to American Honda’s Warranty Policy. PLEASE READ THIS POLICY BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER!

Parts Return

Parts that must be returned for any reason, including not fitting international models, may be returned ONLY if they conform to the terms and conditions published by BernardiParts.com in their Return Policy .


Bernardi Parts can only ship your international order to Canada, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. It will be shipped by UPS.

Want to ship to another foreign country? Many of our international customers are using a shipping forwarder to ship items to other countries

Duties, Taxes, and Brokerage Fees: Customer Responsibility

All UPS Canadian Entry Prep Fees, duties, and taxes are the responsibility of the customer and will be collected by UPS during or before delivery. UPS will contact you to make arrangements for payment.
  • International Ground: UPS will also charge you a Brokerage fee that will be based upon the value of your ordered items.
  • International Express: UPS will NOT charge you a Brokerage fee.
Hazardous Materials

At this time, HAZMAT items, such as touch-up paint, sprays, and seatbelts cannot be shipped to Puerto Rico or US Virgin Islands.

HAZMAT items, such as touch-up paint, sprays, and seatbelts, can be sent to Canada only by International Ground.

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