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How to Dog Proof Your Car?

There’s no doubt about it, our furry best friends make for the best travel buddies out there.

Sure, they never chip in for gas, and they eat all the snacks, and they never pick up after themselves…but it’s hard to beat companionship like this:

Dog-proofing your car

Dog-proofing your car isn’t just about keeping your four-legged pal from tearing up the leather, or from shedding all over the upholstery. Cars are unnatural environments for dogs, and keeping them still and secure in the event of an accident is the surest way to avoid unnecessary injury—to them, or you.

Dog-Proofing Your Car: Where to start?

First things, first—give your car a thorough cleaning. Pay especially close attention to the areas you plan to turn over to your pup, whether that’s the cargo area or the second-row seat of an SUV or crossover like the RDX.

If you have OEM 2020 Acura RDX all-weather floor mats, you’re in luck. The mats themselves are easy to clean with just mild soap and water. The high-walled construction and the ridges that trap dirt will collect and contain most of the chaos.

And don’t forget about the surest tell-tale sign you’re looking at a dog’s car—the windows. Nose prints and slobber streaks like that are associated only with dogs and the most slobbery of children.

Pro-tip: clear plastic wrap won’t impede your vision, and you can simply peel it off and toss it in the trash after a particularly messy road trip.

What do You Need to Dog-Proof Your Car?

Dog-proofing an Acura RDX can be as simple as a repurposed cargo net across the back of the second row of seats, as involved as a dedicated setup with a cargo area divider and protective grille, or somewhere in the middle, like a dog harness and a second-row seat cover.

RDX Seat Cover

Of course, there’s the more mundane side of dog-proofing, too. A robust stash of air fresheners and odor eliminators, a bulk order of lint rollers, an old blanket— comfort is key, after all—will all go a long way toward keeping your car clean. (Or will at least give passersby the illusion of a clean car).

To shop for the accessories listed above, visit our selection of interior Acura RDX accessories. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Drop us a line!

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