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Damaged Water Pump Signs and Symptoms

Acura Water Pump

Symptoms of a Damaged Water Pump

There’s a long list of parts your engine needs to keep your vehicle safely running. Few are as important, however, as your water pump.

We all know the importance of coolant to your vehicle’s engine. The water pump is just as important. Changing your Acura’s coolant won’t do much without a properly working water pump to distribute the coolant throughout your engine. This article will help you identify the signs of a damaged water pump so you’ll know when it needs to be replaced.

How a Water Pump Works

Water Pump

Your Acura’s water pump is a simple centrifugal pump. It circulates fluid throughout your vehicle’s engine. That fluid is essential to stabilizing temperature in an internal combustion engine. A running engine creates a lot of heat and friction. Coolant is pumped through the engine to absorb that heat. Without a properly working water pump, your engine will overheat, leading to total engine failure. This is why it’s important to pay attention to the condition of your Acura’s water pump and to keep an eye out for signs that it might be damaged and in need of replacement.

Signs of a Damaged Water Pump

  • Coolant Leak: The first sign of what might be a damaged water pump is fluid leaking beneath your Acura. This could mean that you have a blown water pump gasket, damaging the seal between the metal parts of your water pump.

  • Whining Noise: Another symptom of a damaged water pump is a whining or buzzing noise coming from under the hood of your Acura while the engine’s running. This could mean there’s an issue with your water pump’s connection to the timing belt, which is what powers the pump.

  • Overheating: Without a properly working water pump, your engine will overheat. If your water pump isn’t distributing coolant through your engine, your vehicle’s temperature will rise. Left unchecked this can cause major engine damage.

  • Engine Starts Smoking: When there’s heat, smoke soon follows. Without the coolant being distributed from the water pump, your engine will quickly overheat and may even start to smoke or create steam. If you see smoke coming from your vehicle, pull over immediately and call for help before you cause any more damage.

Replacing a Damaged Water Pump

Once you’ve diagnosed a damaged water pump in your Acura, the next step is to replace it before you ruin your engine and cause yourself an even more expensive issue.

Finding all the parts you need is easy with Bernardi Parts Acura. We have everything you need, no matter what part you’re looking for. To get started, visit our OEM parts page and select your model, year, and trim package. You’ll find the water pump for your Acura by clicking Parts and then Engine. For more information, or for help finding the right part, send us a message or give us a call at 800-924-1884.

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