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Acura Summer Accessories: For When the Dog Days of Summer Are Not Quite Over

Acura Summer Accessories

Many of us enjoy the all-too-short summer months, but, come August, we could use a break from those hot, humid conditions—days when the thermometer routinely hits 95 degrees and keeps right on going. Most likely, your Acura RDX could use a break from the heat, too, whether you’re putting it to work on short trips around town or pressing it into service on a summer road trip.

A great way to refresh and rejuvenate (your car, anyway—you may need a tall cold one or two!) in the depths of summer is with our genuine Bernardi Acura RDX Interior Accessories. Read on for some suggestions that will lift you and your RDX out of the late-summer doldrums.

Summer Is Floor Mat(-ting) Season!

Clean up Your Act with New Mats

Featured Product: Acura All-Season Floor Mats - High Wall (RDX)

Our Acura All-Season Floor Mats - High Wall (RDX) ($175.00 $126.00) are a great place to start. These floor mats are made of durable, black rubber material that offers superior protection for your vehicle’s plush carpeting. Not only are they easy to clean with mild soap and water, they’re also designed with ridges that capture the sand, mud, water, and other reminders of a perfect summer day.

With the attractive, molded RDX logo, these mats also offer a custom look—and a custom fit, thanks to a retaining system that holds them firmly in place. Purchase as a set of front and rear mats and keep your RDX cool and clean, this summer and beyond.

Going Undercover Just Got Easier (and Cleaner)

Featured Product: Acura 2nd Row Seat Cover (RDX)

Your Acura RDX’s upholstery and leather surfaces are certainly made to last. That doesn’t mean they couldn’t use a little extra protection this summer, especially ahead of the next family run to the best local soft-serve spot. The Acura 2nd Row Seat Cover (RDX) ($249.00 $178.80) will protect your seats from summer wear and tear, not to mention those spills from said ice cream foray.

Acura 2nd Row Seat Cover (RDX)

To ensure complete protection, our rear seat covers fit over the entire second row, including the headrests, and are simple to install. And the key benefit in buying OEM accessories is knowing the product was designed specifically for your car, which means a better than custom fit. However, should an ice cream mishap occur, they’re also easy to remove and machine-washable.

Made in the Shade

Featured Product: Acura Sunshade (RDX)

Another surefire way to keep you (and your RDX!) cool is with our OEM Acura Sunshade (RDX) ($59.99 $43.19). The sunshade is designed with an attractive, reflective silver surface with a soft felt inner lining, and is custom-designed to provide a perfect fit for your RDX.

Bonus: the sunshade has a foam core center that lets it provide superior insulation, which helps to keep the interior of your Acura as cool as (or maybe even cooler than!) a cucumber. The accordion design makes it easy to use, fold, and store in an accompanying storage bag.

Please Illuminate Me!

Featured Product: Acura Illuminated Doorsill (RDX)

One more thing to make those dog days not just bearable, but enjoyable is the Acura Illuminated Doorsill (RDX) ($399.00 $286.80). You can up your “cool” factor and step out in style every time you take a drive with the illuminated door sill trim.

Acura Illuminated Doorsill (RDX)

Made of polished stainless steel for durability with a molded-in carbon-fiber pattern, the blue LED lights illuminate the RDX logo when any of the four doors are opened.

So, here’s to the final days of summer. Why not make the most of them with Bernardi Parts Acura?

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