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2014-2019 Acura MDX Cargo Carry Load

How to Make Sure Your Acura MDX Is in It for the Long Haul

2014-2019 Acura MDX Cargo Carry Load

The good weather usually means fun road trips and leisurely drives to fun times with family and friends. It can also mean (several) runs to the local hardware store or Big Box outlet to pick up supplies for all those outdoor home improvements you’ve been daydreaming about since the first snow fell.

Here are some suggestions to make sure your vehicle is ready, willing, and able to handle whatever the seasons (and you) might throw at it. Whether that’s hauling a yard’s worth of mulch, the lumber for that new deck, or a Costco-sized haul of July 4th barbeque fixin’s, we’ve got what you need to deliver the goods.

These Acura OEM Cargo Accessories will not only make your MDX haul-worthy—they’ll also protect the leather, upholstery, and carpet, so your Acura MDX will stay as pristine as it was before your trek to the local Home Depot.

The Acura MDX: More Than just a Smooth Ride

Protecting Your Assets

Featured Product: Acura Cargo Cover (MDX)

Ready to take a break from the shopping spree at the local outlet mall? With the Acura Cargo Cover (MDX) Acura Cargo Cover (MDX) ($289.00 $207.60!), those packages will stay safe and sound while you hit the food court for some ice cream and wait for the rest of your crew. The cargo cover is simple to install and keeps all of your valuables hidden from view. And don’t worry if some of that Rocky Road ends up on the cargo cover — it’ll come clean with some mild soap and water.

Tough Enough to Haul Your Heavy Loads

Featured Product: Acura Tri-Fold Cargo Tray (MDX)

Acura Tri-Fold Cargo Tray (MDX)

The Acura Tri-Fold Cargo Tray ($140.00 $96!) is another great accessory that will help your MDX meet all of your transport needs. Made of sturdy thermoplastic rubber, the MDX cargo mat tri-fold tray protects the cargo area carpet, and corrals the mess when that bag of potting soil inevitably rips. (because, why? You looked at it wrong?) The tray is designed with a protective lip and ridges that trap debris, as well as flexible hinges to accommodate the MDX’s third-row seating. The cargo tray is also easy to clean with soap and water, and is embossed with the MDX logo for a sleek, custom look.

With Mats and Liners, We’ve Got You Covered

Featured Products: Acura Cargo Mat (MDX) and Acura Cargo Liner (MDX)

Acura Cargo Liner (MDX)

If your MDX needs some extra protection, consider the Acura Cargo Mat ($109.00 $78.00) and/or the Acura Tri-Fold Cargo Tray ($263.00 $189.60!).

Both are constructed of heavy-duty carpet backed with rubber, making these mats especially durable and long lasting. Available in a handsome black, they’re also custom cut to ensure a snug fit. And the cargo liner leaves nothing unprotected: floor, sides, and second-row seat backs are all completely covered.

Nothing but Net!

Featured Product: Acura Cargo Net (MDX)

Want to make sure that bag of Doritos doesn’t get squashed by the spare propane tank you picked up for the big cookout next week? Keep all of your items secure with the Acura Cargo Net ($50.00 $36.00). Its flexible cord construction and hammock-style design make it a cinch to install. Simply loop the net onto the hooks in the cargo area and, voila, you’re good to go!

While our Acura MDX Cargo Accessories can’t eliminate the many (honestly—so, so many!) back and forth trips to the big box stores that are just part of a typical home project, they can make the effort a little less arduous and the journey a bit more pleasant. Carry on.

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