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Acura Holiday Shopping Guide

A Holiday Shopping Guide to Acura OEM Accessories

Acura is a brand synonymous with every day luxury. When they unveiled their new 2019 models—the ultra-popular MDX, it’s sportier little brother RDX, and the performance-forward RLX—they probably didn’t think too much about the spouses of their new drivers. How are we supposed to get them a gift that celebrates their new baby, when so much comes standard in these new Acuras?

In the past, it was relatively easy—a remote starter would be a great choice for any Acura driver who has to deal with a winter commute, gloss accents for the flashier among us, a premium navigation system to avoid traffic while running weekend errands. While we think it’s great that Acura has made all of these features standard in their newest models, it does raise an important question as the holiday season approaches.

What do I buy for the Acura driver in my life?

That really comes down to what they would like. (This is a holiday shopping guide, after all, not a relationship counseling session.) Below, you’ll find Acura OEM accessories for the brand new 2019 MDX, RDX, and RLX. There’s something for everyone.

For the ski bunnies

Acura’s SUVs are at home on snowy mountain roads. That’s why it’s no surprise that MDX and RDX drivers name skiing as one of their favorite winter sports. While there is no shortage of aftermarket ski racks and other roof cargo systems out there, none of them come close to the quality of fit and reliability of a genuine Acura ski rack.

Acura Ski Attachment (MDX, RDX) - $211 (MSRP: $261, 19% off!)

Acura Ski Attachment

Skiing is a great time. Unfortunately, without the right accessories, just getting your gear to the slopes can be an issue. The Acura Ski Attachment securely carries up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards, and the oversized push buttons make it easy to open and close even while wearing the thickest of gloves. Installing the ski attachment requires both the Acura Roof Rails (MDX: $474; MSRP: $580, 18% off!) (RDX: $474; MSRP: $585, 19% off!) and Acura Crossbars (MDX: $212; MSRP: $261, 19% off!) (RDX: $253; MSRP: $312, 19% off!).

Acura Cargo Liner (MDX)

Of course, skis are not the only gear you’ll need if you’re going to have a good time on the slopes. One of the biggest headaches is figuring out what to do with your wet, snow-covered ski boots and other outerwear on your way home. The Acura Cargo Liner, available for both the MDX ($223; MSRP: $275, 19% off!) and RDX ($185; MSRP: $229, 19% off!), is the perfect way to protect the carpet in your cargo area. The RDX Cargo Protector even extends up the sides of the cargo area and the second-row seat backs, all while not interfering with the operation of the folding seats.

For someone who likes to make their entrance with style

Some people just know cool. For them, there’s real cache to making a statement at every opportunity.

Acura Welcome Lights (RDX) ($212; MSRP: $261, 19% off!)

Acura RDX Welcome Lights

The Acura Welcome Lights for the all-new 2019 RDX illuminate when you unlock your vehicle. The warm white LED light gives off a luxurious and upscale appearance while also illuminating the ground for added visibility in a dark driveway. This kit includes the hardware and harnesses needed for installation, making it a perfect gift.

Acura Logo Projector (RLX) ($148; MSRP: $183, 19% off!)

Acura RLX Logo Projector

Unquestionably cool, the Acura RLX Logo Projector illuminates the ground for added visibility while projecting the RLX logo beneath the driver’s side door. Often referred to as a puddle light, the logo projector also is a handy way to know if you’re parked in a puddle and about to ruin a pair of shoes.

Acura Illuminated Door Sill Trim

Acura Illuminated Door Sill Trim

Wow everyone, every time you step in and out of your Acura! Available at the best price online for both the 2019 Acura RDX ($338; MSRP: $417, 19% off!) and the 2014-2020 Acura RLX ($607; MSRP: $749, 19% off!), the Illuminated Door Sill Trim serves double purposes: first, it truly enhances the interior of your Acura by providing ambient light; and second, it protects the lower door sill from the kinds of scuff marks it will naturally attract in the course of normal use. Each set comes with trim that includes the Acura logo for all four doors. The RLX model includes white LEDs, and the RDX set comes with blue LEDs.

For someone tougher than you

Acura 20” Berlina Black Alloy Wheels (MDX) ($423; MSRP: $523, 19% off!)

Acura MDX 20” Berlina Black Alloy Wheels

The Acura MDX already combines best-in-class functionality. These sleek 20” black rims lend to the sleek styling of your MDX, while the hub-centric design ensures an exact fit for a smoother ride with less road vibration. These rims are designed to work with your OEM Tire Pressure Monitoring System; for certain base and SH-AWD models, however, you may have to install new tires.

For someone with style

We all have those people in our life—effortlessly cool, always with the latest gadget, seemingly with an innate sense of what is and what will be stylish. There is, not surprisingly, a lot of overlap between that group and Acura drivers. Maybe it’s the combination of performance and customizability that lead them to purchase an Acura. Whatever the reason, these two gifts will let them take their style to the next level.

Acura Tailgate Spoiler Trim - Chrome (RDX) ($148; MSRP $183, 19% off!)

Acura RDX Tailgate Spoiler Trim

An OEM tailgate spoiler will improve the aerodynamics your RDX—meaning faster acceleration and better traction. The design also helps protect the rear window from dirt and debris. The best part about buying a genuine Acura exterior accessory is the confidence of knowing your part will arrive with a perfect color match and the installation experience will be seamless—almost as if the car’s designers envisioned you might one day decide that the tailgate spoiler is the perfect way to customize the already eye-catching 2019 RDX.

Acura Running Board - Advance Chrome (MDX) ($614; MSRP: $758, 19% off!)

Acura MDX Running Board

Often, adding an exterior accessory can feel a bit like putting gravy on Skittles—two great tastes, maybe not great together. When it comes to the Advance Chrome Running Boards for the 2017-2020 MDX, though, it feels almost silly not to jump at the chance. These are designed by Acura to provide a better-than-custom fit, and the tightly integrated design ensures a seamless, factory-installed look. The chrome stim and custom chrome step plate is truly eye-catching in the understated way that MDX drivers appreciate, and the high-quality aluminum design offers superior strength and durability while protecting the side panels of your MDX from splashes and road debris.

For someone who dreads cold winter mornings

We’re not sure about your, but here at Bernardi Parts HQ, we know a thing or two about hunkering down and getting through a long winter. A remote car starter is a great first step, and many newer Acura models provide them standard. But that’s not the only way to keep winter at bay.

Acura Steering Wheel - Heated (MDX, MDX A-Spec, RDX)

Acura Heated Steering Wheel

Available for the 2016-2019 MDX ($423; MSRP: $523, 19% off!), the 2019 MDX A-Spec (pictured; $405; MSRP: $500, 19% off!), and the 2019-2021 RDX ($423; MSRP: $523, 19% off!), the heated steering wheel take the bite of a cold winter day.

You can activate the warming feature either via controls on the left side of the steering wheel or by integrating the heated steering wheel with the Remote Engine Start System II for automatic heating. This is the number one accessory to make driving more comfortable and enjoyable until Spring rolls around, and is sure to be appreciated during a cold and dark Winter commute.

For the car pool superhero(-ine)

Our cars put up with a lot from us, and some demand more than others. Whether you’re on snack duty for soccer this week or giving a friend a ride to the airport, there’s no arguing that all of the wear and tear of loading gear in and out of your trunk or cargo space can take a toll on your car’s finish. These accessories will let the car pool hero in your life rest a little bit easier (and will maybe get you some guilt-free help the next time you need a hand moving that piece of furniture you totally will have space for, someday, to your storage unit for the time being).

Acura Rear Bumper Protector (MDX) ($169; MSRP: $209, 19% off!)

Acura MDX Rear Bumper Protector

The Rear Bumper Protector is one of the most popular accessories for the 2019 MDX, most likely due to its straightforward purpose and ease of installation. The protector is made of high-quality brushed stainless steel for superior protection against the scratches and dings that occur from loading and unloading your cargo area. The OEM fabrication ensures easy installation and a better-than-custom fit.

Acura All-Season Floor Mat (MDX, RDX, RLX)

Acura All-Season Floor Mats

Acura’s all-season floor mats are a must-have accessory. They’re available in the standard height for the MDX ($142; MSRP: $175, 19% off!), and in a high-walled version for the RDX (pictured; $148; MSRP: $183, 19% off!) and RLX ($145; MSRP: $179, 19% off!).

These tough rubber mats can stand up to anything winter, kids or pets might through at them, and they’re easy to clean. The OEM design provides a perfect fit with sturdy retaining clips for safety, and the ridges serve to trap dirt, mud and other debris. The molded logo gives the interior of your car a custom look. Each order includes a full set of front and rear mats.

Acura 2nd Row Seat Cover (MDX, RDX)

Acura Second Row Seat Cover

The rear seat cover is available for the 2019-2021 RDX (pictured; $211; MSRP: $260; 19% off!) and 2019 MDX ($233; MSRP $287, 19% off!). Whether you’re worried about protecting your upholstery from kids, pets, or cargo, these are a must-have accessory.

The washable, stain-resistant fabric provides complete protection, with the cover extending over the headrests, while the easy installation means you *might* actually take it off to wash it. One word of caution – the RDX 2nd Row Seat Cover can not be used with the Cargo Protector.

For the “My car is my baby” types

We all love our Acura. Some of us just love theirs that little bit extra. For the carficionado in your life, we’ll finish up with a few more accessories that will help them rest easy, knowing their baby is safe and protected for the night.

Acura Car Cover (RLX) ($233; MSRP: $287, 19% off!)

Acura RLX Car Cover

A high-quality car cover can protect your vehicle’s finish from sunlight, salt and other natural elements. The weather-resistant RLX Car Cover can be used outside, to protect your RLX from harsh weather while the breathable material will prevent condensation on your car’s surfaces, or in your garage, where the soft, non-abrasive fabric lining will protect against scratches. For those parking their RLX on the street, the Car Cover features reinforced security eyelets for use with the optional lock and cable.

Acura Splash Guards - Black (MDX) ($123; MSRP: $152, 19% off!)

Acura Splash Guards

Splash guards may not seem essential, but for the obsessives among us there is nothing more effective at protecting the finish of their baby car from nicks and chips while also providing a more customized look. This set of four splash guards (for your 2019 MDX’s front and rear wheels) is made of high-quality rubber and plastic that remains durable at extreme temperatures. The no-drill installation means zero risk of corrosion or other damage to the frame.

Acura Carpet Floor Mats (MDX, RDX)

Acura Carpet Floor Mats

The Premium Carpet Floor Mat Set is available for the MDX (pictured; $182; MSRP: $225, 19% off) and RDX ($190; MSRP: $235, 19% off). There is no better feeling than sinking your feet into a deep, plush carpet pile, and now you can bring that luxury to your commute. Much like the all-season floor mats, these premium rubber-backed carpet mats provide an extra layer of protection against the elements for your original carpets, and the metal badge with the MDX or RDX logo lends a customized appearance to your vehicle’s cabin.

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