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2014 Acura MDX SUV

The 2014 Acura MDX has been introduced at the New York International Auto Show. The 2014 Acura MDX which has a new body style and major safety and tech upgrades, will be available for sale later this summer. The new body style smooths out the more defined lines of its predecessor. Performance enhancements to the 2014 Acura MDX also features an updated engine with VCM(Variable Cylinder Management).

The body has been reshaped using “Aero Sculpture” which Acura describes as creating a clean, efficient and elegant appearance. This new body shape has allowed the MDX to improve fuel efficiency with better aerodynamics. This and a weight reduction of 275 pounds have made the MDX a best in class performer for fuel efficiency with a combined 23MPG rating. In addition to the attractive new body update, the 2014 MDX wheelbase has been extended to offer a more comfortable ride and increased interior space.

Additional new features include:

  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • Lane Active Cruise Control
  • Blind Spot Information
  • Next generation of Acura Link
New 2014 Acura MDX
The redesigned 2014 Acura MDX
New Headlight design
Jewel Eye Headlights

When activated Lane Keeping Assist keeps the vehicle centered in a detected lane. Lane Active Cruise Control with Low-Speed Follow lets the vehicle maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead of it. The next generation of Acura Link has also been introduced in the 2014 MDX. Acura Link is a service that owners can use to interact with their 2014 Acura MDX while operating it or from afar with their smart phone. Acura Link allows MDX owners to listen to Pandora internet radio and read SMS/email via their in dash display. Acura Link also allows MDX owners to lock and unlock their vehicle via their smart phone and track their vehicle if it is stolen.

The 2014 Acura MDX also has some new noteworthy safety features. The 2014 MDX will have Blind Spot sensors to alert the driver if a vehicle is in their blind spot when they signal to make a lane change. Also real time road surface conditions will be available through Acura Link.

The 2014 MDX will be available for previews, email Acura of Boston or call (888) 368-8452 for more information.

Past MDX models have a wide range of accessories available for them including: All season floor mats, Acura MDX Nose Masks, Acura MDX Side Steps, Acura MDX Running Boards, MDX Bike Racks and MDX Ski Racks. For more information on accessories and parts for the new 2014 Acura MDX, please call the Bernardi Parts experts at 800-924-1884 or email them at PartsSalesTeam@BernardiAutoGroup.com.

Floor Mats
08P32-TZ5-200 2nd-Row Seat Covers
08P13-TZ5-210A Floor Mats, All-Season
08P13-TZ5-210B Floor Mat, All-Season (3rd Row)
08U35-TZ5-210 Cargo Cover
08P42-TZ5-200 Acura Cargo Liner
08P11-TZ5-210 Cargo Mat
08L96-TZ5-200 Cargo Net
08U45-TZ5-200A Cargo Tray, Standard
08U45-TZ5-200B Cargo Tray, Folding
08E12-TZ5-210 Door Sill Trim – Illuminated
08865-FAK-200 First Aid Kit
08U92-TZ5-210 Shift Knob – Woodgrain Look
08U97-TZ5-210 Steering Wheel – Woodgrain Look
08U97-TZ5-210A Steering Wheel – Heated
Electrical - Backup Sensors
08V67-TZ5-210K White Diamond P. (NH-603P)
08V67-TZ5-220K Silver Moon M. (NH-700M)
08V67-TZ5-230K Crystal Black Pearl (NH-731P)
08V67-TZ5-240K Graphite Luster M. (NH-782M)
08V67-TZ5-250K Fathom Blue Pearl (B-588P)
08V67-TZ5-260K Forest Mist Metallic (G-537M)
08V67-TZ5-270K Dark Cherry Pearl (R-529P)
08V67-TZ5-200A Backup Sensor Attachment
38015-TZ5-A10 Remote Engine Start System G3
08T44-SNA-101 Engine Block Heater
Touch-Up Paint
08703-NH731PAA-PN Crystal Black Pearl
08703-R529PAA-PN Dark Cherry Pearl
08703-NH700MAA-PN Silver Moon Metallic
08703-NH603PAA-2P White Diamond Pearl
08703-G537MAA-PN Forest Mist Metallic
08703-B588PAA-PN Fathom Blue Pearl
08703-NH782MAA-PN Graphite Luster Metallic
Wheels and Tires
08W19-TZ5-200 Chrome-Look Alloy Wheel, 19 in.
08W42-S6M-201 Wheel Locks
06421-TZ5-A00 Spare Tire Kit, 18 in. (2WD only)
06421-TZ5-A10 Spare Tire Kit, 19 in. (2WD only)
42751-BRI-098 Spare Tire, Bridgestone T165/80D17
Exterior Body Side Molding
08P05-TZ5-210 White Diamond P. (NH-603P)
08P05-TZ5-220 Silver Moon M. (NH-700M)
08P05-TZ5-230 Crystal Black Pearl (NH-731P)
08P05-TZ5-240 Graphite Luster M. (NH-782M)
08P05-TZ5-250 Fathom Blue Pearl (B-588P)
08P05-TZ5-260 Forest Mist Metallic (G-537M)
08P05-TZ5-270 Dark Cherry Pearl (R-529P)
Bumper Trim
08P46-TZ5-200A Sport Bumper Trim – Front
08P46-TZ5-200B Sport Bumper Trim – Rear
08P20-TZ5-200A Door Edge Film – Clear
08P48-TZ5-200 Rear Bumper Applique
08P01-TZ5-200 Rear Bumper Guard – Metal
08V31-TZ5-200 Fog Lights – LED
08R01-TZ5-200 Moonroof Visor
08L33-TZ5-200 Running Boards – Advance
08L33-TZ5-200A Running Boards – Sport
08P00-TZ5-200 Splash Guard Set
Roof Rack and Attachments
08L02-TZ5-200 Roof Rails
08L04-TZ5-200 Cross Bars
08L07-E09-200 Bike Attach. – Roof Mount
08L20-TA1-200 Roof Box, 55 in. (13 cu.ft.)
08L03-E09-200A Ski Attachment
08L03-E09-200B Snowboard Attachment
08L05-TA1-200 Surfboard Attachment
08L09-TA1-200 Kayak Attachment
08L92-TZ5-200 Trailer Hitch
06255-5J8-326 ATF Cooler Kit
08L91-TZ5-200 Trailer Hitch Harness
08L92-SJC-100A Trailer Hitch Locking Pin
08L92-S9V-100G Trailer Hitch Ball, 1 ⅞ in.
08L92-S9V-100H Trailer Hitch Ball, 2 in.
08L14-E09-201 Hitch-Mount Bicycle Carrier
08W44-TZ5-200A Full Size Towing Spare, 18 in.
08W44-TZ5-200B Full Size Towing Spare, 19 in.
42751-MIC-149 Towing Spare Tire, Michelin 245/60R18 A/S
42751-CTL-013 Towing Spare Tire, Continental 255/50R19 A/S
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